Thursday, 7 March 2013

While I was away...

So after disappearing for a good month or so, I resurface to find myself completely immersed in the slightly unfamiliar waters of the broader fund universe. To be exact, over 109,000 funds in 57 registered for sale (RFS) countries, according to Lipper.

I find it rather exciting, although not as exciting as a good WWE match. It's quite a learning curve, which is a phrase I wouldn't mind carved on my gravestone, not so much as a lament for the relentless pace of change than a concise summary on a punctuation mark.

But time spent navel gazing, which I'd much rather not do on a public blog, is time better spent ruminating on how to write better articles, or at least more enlightening ones.

There's a small debate growing about long-form journalism, questioning the decline in 2000-word articles in heavyweight publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal. First up this is obviously a US-centric view of the publishing world, and I don't think you'll find many people worrying over the same question in Singapore. After all there are more important questions to ask, like, 'Dude, where my car?'

Although, if the data from MAS is any indication, there's enough to pay for many cars. Singapore residents as a whole, are pretty damn flush with cash. Approximately S$500billion worth sits in the banks. That's about 10 million cars, worth S$50k each.

data: Monetary Authority of S,ingapore 

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