Thursday, 18 April 2013

Man of Steel

Third trailer is out. I am optimistic, not just because visually it's got Zack Snyder's name on it (remember 300? Yeah, now recall Watchmen. Meh.) but because you've got Goyer-Nolan behind the scenes, working their magic on the script. And the script is the blueprint for everything embedded in the movie.

Goyer-Nolan scripted Batman Begins, so their track record for producing good first arcs is certainly a good one. And just for pumped-up kicks, take a look at the IMDB box office stats for Batman Begins: production cost is an estimated US$150m. As at 19 July 2012, worldwide gross is US$374m. Production time started in March 2004. From March 2004 till July 2012, is about 8.3 years. Works out to about an annualised 11% return which is a pretty awesome investment, from a gross numbers point of view. Net numbers likely look very different. Of course, let's not talk about the labour issues inherent in the film industry.

Man of Steel is set to hit the screens worldwide 14 June 2013.

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